VOLUME 4, 2004

History of Wisconsin Medicago falcata (WISFAL) - Bingham

History of Wisconsin Medicago falcata (WISFAL) at Larry Smith Farms - Smith

Origin of the Concept of Maximum Heterozygosity in Autotetraploids - Demarly

Alfalfa with n, 2n, and 4n gametes: Predicted and actual pollen diameter ratios - Haas and Bingham

Survey of Seeds per Gram of Individual Alfalfa Plants - Haas and Thomas

Relationships among Biomass Yield Components within and between Subspecies of Alfalfa - Riday and Brummer

Notes on R.W. Allard's Paper: History of Plant Population Genetics -- Bingham

Anthocyanin Sectors in Leaves of Medicago truncatula -- Bingham

Seed Size and Fertility Relationships of WI 643 Alfalfa Grown at Lodi, Italy -- Scotti and Gnocchi

University of Wisconsin - Madison
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