VOLUME 1, 2001

Benchmarking Alfalfa Improvement In The Last Century. J. Volenec

My Observations About A Century of Breeding and Selection In The Alfalfa Genome. D. K. Barnes

The Use Of Exotic Germplasm In Alfalfa Breeding. R. P. Murphy

A History of Verticillium Wilt Based On An Alfalfa Breeders Experience. D. E. Brown.

Construction Of An Improved Linkage Map of Diploid Relatives Of Alfalfa. P. Kalo, A. Seres, A. Kereszt, G. Endre, and G. B. Kiss

Segregation Distortion In Alfalfa And The Nature Of The Alfalfa Genome. E. T. Bingham

Capitalizing On Complementary Gene Action In Alfalfa. T. C. Osborn

Mutable Alleles In Alfalfa. W. M. Clement, Jr.

Genetics Of Red Root Alfalfa: A useful marker in spite of segregation distortion. E. T. Bingham

Selfing In Alfalfa Seed Production. D. E. Brown

Growth And Reproductive Analysis Of Medicago coerulea, M. falcata, M. intertexta, M. lupulina, M. sativa, M. truncatula. E. T. Bingham and W. P. Kojis

Frequency And Function Of 2n Gametes In Alfalfa Cultivars. L. V. Tsatsenko, K. K. Bergeson, M. B. Dilkova, K. K. Kidwell, and E. T. Bingham.

Alfalfa Triploids. A. Binek

Synopsis Of Alfalfa Polyploid Research. M. W. Dunbier and T. W. Pfeiffer

Alfalfa Shoots And Somatic Embryos From Callus. J. W. Saunders

Reflections About N. E. Hansen and His Contributions to Alfalfa. Wayne Adams

The Origin of ‘Cossack’ Alfalfa. Melvin D. Rumbaugh

University of Wisconsin - Madison
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