Areas of Emphasis: Breeding

Benchmarking Alfalfa Improvement In The Last Century - Volenec

The Use Of Exotic Germplasm In Alfalfa Breeding - Murphy

My Observations About A Century Of Breeding And Selection In The Alfalfa Genome - Barnes

History Of Verticillium Wilt Based On An Alfalfa Breeders Experience - Brown

Selfing In Alfalfa Seed Production - Brown

Capitalizing On Complementary Gene Action In Alfalfa - Osborn

Reflections About N. E. Hansen And His Contributions To Alfafa - Adams

The Origin Of ‘Cossak’ Alfafa - Rumbaugh

History Of Wisconsin Medicago Falcata (Wisfal)

Notes On R.W. Allard's Paper: History Of Plant Population Genetics -- Bingham

Can Hard Seed In Alfalfa Be Genetically Scarified? -- Bingham And Kojis

Role Of Chromosome Blocks In Heterosis And Estimates Of Dominance And Overdominance -- Bingham

Yield And Fertility Of Populations Representing The Introgression Of Medicago Sativa Germplasm Into Diploid Alfalfa
Chapter Two Of M.S. Thesis By James B. Holland -- Jim.Holland@Ars.Usda.Gov
University Of Wisconsin - Madison, 1991

Research on the Mechanism of Genetic Transfer from Medicago arborea to Alfalfa
Edwin Bingham

University of Wisconsin - Madison