Areas of Emphasis: Genetics

Mutable Alleles of the Anthocyaning Locus C2 in Alfalfa - Clement

Genetics of Red Root Alfalfa: A useful marker in spite of segregation distortion - Bingham

Segregation Distortion (SD) in Alfalfa and the Nature of the Alfalfa Genome - Bingham

Capitalizing on Complementary Gene Action in Alfalfa - Osborn

Release Of Alfalfa Genetic Stock That Provides Biocontainment Of Transformed Traits - Edwin T. Bingham

Notes on R.W. Allard's Paper: History of Plant Population Genetics -- Bingham

Seed Size and Fertility Relationships of WI 643 Alfalfa Grown at Lodi, Italy -- Scotti and Gnocchi

Role of Chromosome Blocks in Heterosis and Estimates of Dominance and Overdominance -- Bingham

Research on the Mechanism of Genetic Transfer from Medicago arborea to Alfalfa
Edwin Bingham

University of Wisconsin - Madison